2024 Fall Team League - Conditions of Contest

  1. Leagues play selected Sunday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
  2. Sign up as a team, pair, or single. The coordinator will form teams from singles and pairs.
  3. The captain must ensure that the team has four players at each game.
  4. A team has 4 to 6 players. Only 4 play each night.
  5. A temporary substitution will be allowed at the coordinator's discretion.
  6. Players pay the regular club game fees and are committed to play until the event is finished.
  7. Usually, games take only 6-7 weeks to declare a winner, ending in December.
  8. Players get masterpoints for each win and overall masterpoints if they play at least 3 games.
  9. All players who play in the Team League will play against only players of equal ability. 
  10. A match will consist of 24 boards. After 12 boards have been played, the team will compare scores and then switch opponents from the same team for the next 12 boards.  Substitutions are allowed at half-time.



Team League Standings


 Open   Score  Non-Life Masters  Score
 Baker    Team 1  
 Team 2    Team 2  
 Team 3     Team 3  
 Team 4     Team 4   
 Team 5    Team 5  
 Team 6     Team 6  
 Team 7  
   Team 7   




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Sign up sheets for the Team Leagues are located on the Team League bulletin board at the club.

Alternately, you can contact David Baker.



Week 1 Sept 1
Week 2 Sept 15
Week 3  Oct 27
Week 4 Nov 24
Week 5 Dec 1
Week 6 Dec 8
Week 7 Dec 15 (if needed)




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