Is Mentoring in Your Future?

There are two kinds of bridge players – those who want to improve their skills and those who don’t (although there aren’t very many in the latter category). If you belong to the former category, you might want to get involved with our club’s mentoring program. From the very beginning, we wanted our club to be more than just a place to play bridge – somewhere that everyone could play and learn in a welcoming environment. Mentor/mentee pairs usually play together four to six times, but some continue longer. If you are interested in being either a mentor or a mentee – or both – fill in form below to contact our mentorship lead Joan Slover.

Are You Looking for a Long-Term Partner?

If you are looking for someone to play with on an on-going basis, we maintain a list of players who are interested in developing longer term partnerships. If you would like to be added to the list, fill in form below to contact our mentorship lead Joan Slover. Include what times you are available to play and any other information you think relevant. Every time there is a possible match, she will send both of you the other's contacts and leave it up to you to follow up.

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Finding a Partner

In addition to the old-fashioned telephone method, there are two ways to find a partner for our virtual BBO games:

Up to two hours before a game, you can go to the BBO registration area for the game. In the upper right you will see “Partnership Desk”.  Click on that and you will see if anyone is waiting for a partner. You can click on someone who is waiting or click to add you own name to the desk.

If you prefer to arrange a partner ahead of time you can use Pianola Partner Finder. Log in to Pianola and click on Partner Finder. You will see a list of “Adverts” for anyone looking for a partner for specific games.  If you see a suitable Advert then you can use their email or phone number to contact them. If not, then click on the Create Partner Finder Advert button and use the calendar to select the game for your advert. Many days have multiple games so make sure you get the right date and the right game.


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