Join Us!

It’s Easy.

Membership in Grand River Bridge Club gets you:

Reduced game fees

Reduced lesson and seminar fees

 A voice in the governance of the club

Members have a few obligations, too.  Members should

Adhere to the Code of Conduct

Do some volunteering (mentoring, bring food, help with an event, run errands, maintain a bulletin board, duplicate boards using the dealing machine, etc.)

Vote at annual general meeting

Joining is easy. Talk to the game director at your game!

Membership Application

You can download a copy of the membership application form and return it to the club.

Membership application form

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  • Memberships cost $70/year and expire on June 30 every year.  From January on of each year, ½-year memberships can be purchased for $35.  HST is included. There is also a one-time fee of $7 to cover the cost of a name badge.
  • Game fees are reviewed and set annually, and are currently $7 for members/ $9 for non-members. A surcharge is added to the fee for some of our special games (STaCs, certain fund games, etc.)  Check our calendar for special game dates.
  • Lesson fees are reviewed and set annually.  Lesson packages are priced according to the number of classes and the cost of the learning materials. However, most lesson packages are in the range of $85 for members/ $95 for non-members, while all of our half-day workshops cost $15 for members/ $20 for non-members.
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