• Guelph Sectional Tournament Cancelled

    The Guelph Sectional tournament in Puslinch scheduled for March 21 and 22 has been cancelled. read more...
    Saturday, 14 March 2020 by Sandy Graham
  • 199er Game on Monday, February 17 - afternoon

    On Family Day, there will be an separate 199er section at the same time as the open game in the afternoon. The Monday evening game will run as usual. read more...
    Saturday, 15 February 2020 by Sandy Graham
  • No More Wednesday Afternoon Open Game

    Due to low table numbers, the Open game scheduled on Wednesday afternoons has been removed from the schedule. The 499er game on Wednesday afternoons will continue as a single section game. read more...
    Thursday, 13 February 2020 by Sandy Graham
  • January 2020 Masterpoints

    1 25.55 Cindy Mahn 2 15.16 Colin Harrington 3 12.49 David Baker 4 11.91 Fumiyo Kawamura 5 11.16 Sharon Boyd 6 11.16 Tom Ramsay 7 11.03 Robert Griffiths 8 10.11 Malkin Howes 9 9.53 Allan Coyne 10 8.75 Milos Polak 11 8.27 Neil Jeffrey 12 8.04 Scott Hills 13 7.91 William Fay 14 7.87 Elizabeth McDowell 15 7.83 Ted Boyd 16 7.63 Carl Lucas 17 7.63 Martin Levman 18 ... read more...
    Thursday, 13 February 2020 by Sandy Graham
  • STaC Week - February 10th

    All games during the week of February 10th, with the exception of the 99er games on Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon, will be STaC games. This means an additional charge of $2 but a chance at silver points. The 199er game on Tuesday afternoon will also not be a STaC game. On the days were there are two different games, everyone will be playing the same boards, but only those designated as STaC games will be charged the extra fee. read more...
    Monday, 03 February 2020 by Sandy Graham
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