• Special Game: New Year's Day

    On New Year's Day we will be having our traditional Brunch and Swiss Team Game. The cost is $25, which includes the food, a two-session Swiss teams game, and prizes. The event will start at 10:00 a.m. This is an 8-is-enough format so players can sign up singly or in pairs. read more...
    Thursday, 13 December 2018 by Sandy Graham
  • Special Game: Boxing Day

    On Boxing Day afternoon, we will be playing a Rookie/Master Board-a-Match game with the entire proceeds going towards our renovation costs. Instead of paying $7 or $9 for teh game, the players will be asked to donate whatever amount they choose to give. Their donations (cash or cheque) can either be placed in the white lock-box or else given directly to the game director on Boxing Day. A generous donation of $2000 has kicked off the fundraising. Another generous, anonymous person has agreed to match... read more...
    Monday, 10 December 2018 by Sandy Graham
  • Club Championship Games - Week of December 10

    During the week of December 10, all games (with the exception of Friday evening) will be club championship games. This means extra masterpoints but no extra charge. read more...
    Monday, 10 December 2018 by Sandy Graham
  • October and November Masterpoints

    NOVEMBER MASTERPOINTS 1 9.43 David Baker 2 8.40 Cindy Mahn 3 6.78 Edith Ferber 4 6.28 Moira Hollingsworth 5 6.20 Colin Harrington 6 5.64 Malkin Howes 7 5.30 John Kip 8 5.25 Cheryl Kip 9 4.89 Dianne Aves 10 4.84 John Hayward 11 4.79 Mike Peng 12 4.68 Maike Zinabou 13 4.67 Janet Howell 14 4.53 David Dennis 15 4.51 Muzaffar Husain 16 4.42 Kevin Latter 17 4.16 Adriaan Kempe 18 3.96 Margot Stockie 19 3.92 Jim Dalgliesh 20 3.80 Tony Verhoeven 21 3.67 Loretta Molodecki 22 3.66 Stu Cowan 23 3.65 Lynda... read more...
    Saturday, 01 December 2018 by Sandy Graham
  • Our New Permanent Home

    The permanent home for the Grand River Bridge Club will be at 2481 Kingsway Drive in the (former) Dare Foods office building. Our 4,000 sq ft space is to the left (west) as you enter the building. Dare Food employees have moved their offices to Cambridge and renovations are continuing to add washrooms and a kitchen, and close the space from Penske Truck Rental, our co-habitants. GRBC will move into our permanent home when renovations are complete, planned for late December. For now, the area is a... read more...
    Monday, 26 November 2018 by Sandy Graham
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