About Us

Grand River Bridge Club is a volunteer driven non-profit bridge club. We have a Board of Directors and a Management Team. The Board of Directors is responsible for strategic and policy decisions while the Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club.

Mission Statement

Play and Learn Bridge in a Welcoming Environment

Management Team & Board of Directors


Management Team  Board of Directors 
 Manager  Douglass Grant   President  Mike Peng
 Secretary  Jim Fox  Vice-President  Lori Cole
 Games  Allen Pengelly  Secretary  Mary McClelland 
 Hospitality  Dave Quarrie  Treasurer  Steve Allen
 Teaching  Malkin Howes    
 Marketing  Bob Livermore    
 Membership  Joan Slover  Members at Large  
 Renate Boucher
 Special Events 
 Joe Blake    Kevin Latter
 Dealing  Adriaan Kempe     
 Technology Support  
Paul Latimer    


Club History

Ted Boyd, the club's founding president, has written this history of the club's first five years.

In 2018 we had to move from our first home on Gage Street to our new home on Kingsway Drive. Here is a description of that long and winding road.

Annual Reports

2019 2018


Trillium Grant

In 2013, we received a Trillium grant. We used that money to purchase a dealing machine to make it possible for us to offer hand records to our players and students, along with remote scoring units that made scoring easier and the results faster, a new computer, and a sound system and projector to aid our teaching program. 


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