Instructions for Joining a Virtual Club Game

From the BBO homescreen click "Virtual Clubs", then choose "ACBL - North America". If you login within approximately 1 hour of the start, you should see our club game listed. If there are many games listed, in the top right there is a search box, type in Grand River. Only our game should show up. Click on it to enter the registration area.

The registration area will give you a chance to invite your partner. Make sure they are online, enter their BBO User ID and click invite. A message will appear shortly to show whether the invite was successful or not. The message is fleeting and in the lower right corner so watch for it. You can click on the Entries tab at the top and see your partnership and others who are registered.

If you do not have a partner there is an area inside the tournament registration labelled "Partnership Desk". It shows a list of people looking for a partner. You can click to invite one of them or you can put your name on the list. The director will be busy making sure everything runs smoothly with registrations, so the usual GRBC guarantee of a partner will not apply.

BBO has been very busy and is sometimes in an overload situation. Being logged out accidentally by the software does happen. If it happens during the tournament please just try to log in again. Usually you will be able to get right back on and the software will take you back to the table.

When you have completed the last board in a set, you will need to wait for other tables to finish. Your table will appear frozen and the clock in the upper left will count down the minutes remaining. Note that you will go on to the next set of boards when everyone is finished, even if the clock still says 5 minutes.

To be eligible to play in the sanctioned games on BBO, you must have a valid ACBL number.

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