Workshop Descriptions

Our club offers half-day workshops with a wide variety of levels, instructors, time slots, formats and topics. The fee is $15 for members/$20 for non-members.

You can register in person at the club or by phone (519) 578-4434. We normally need at least eight people registered to offer a workshop.

Note: To make it easier for students to choose their lessons in a logical learning order, we’ve colour-coded our lessons as follows.

Beginners   GREEN

Novices    YELLOW

intermediate Players    ORANGE

Advanced Players    RED




Intermediate Supervised Play

Liz McDowell will be offering seven just-show-up supervised play sessions on alternate Tuesday nights, starting September 11. 

Each session will begin with a mini-lesson on a topic chosen by the participants, followed by pre-prepared hands that practise the new concept. Liz asks interested parties to email her telling her of their interest and including topics they would like a mini-lesson/practice hands on. In addition, the participants in these supervised play sessions are welcome to bring in difficult hands so the group can discuss how best to cope with them.


DATES OFFERED:   7 Tuesday evenings:  Sept. 11, 25, Oct. 9, 23, Nov. 6, 27, and Dec. 4


COST:  $7 for members/ $9 for non-members



End Plays

End plays are tactical plays where a defender is put on lead at a strategic moment and is forced to play a card that gives declarer an extra trick.

End plays should be a part of everyone's play of the hand arsenal.

This module will outline the various roads to end plays - "strip and end play", "elimination play", and "throw-in play", along with the exit card that makes it all possible.

Once you have mastered this technique, you too will make that extra trick that the experts make.


DATE OFFERED:   Monday, November 19, 9:00 am


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



When to Postpone Drawing Trumps

One of the first pieces of advice we are given when we learn bridge is to draw trumps right away. This is generally good advice but ... this is bridge we're talking about. There are exceptions. Lots of them.

This workshop will outline common situations where declarer should postpone drawing trumps. The short lesson will be followed by an exercise to practise the new concepts. The majority of the lesson time will be devoted to the play of 16 hands for which drawing trumps should be postponed ... or not.


DATE OFFERED:   Saturday, December 1, 9:00 am

INSTRUCTOR:  Malkin Howes

COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members




Inference:  "a conclusion drawn from a bid or play made by partner or an opponent". If you are alert and know what to look for, you can gather clues from bidding and play that help you find a way to make or defeat contracts. For example, inferences can help you find a missing queen or pick up a singleton king or diagnose that a defender has 4-4-4-1 distribution. More often than you might think, the bidding and the opening lead will make it possible for alert declarers to place every single honour card at Trick 1. Defenders, too, can often deduce declarer's hand very early in the play of the hand.

Examples of inference will be provided for both declarer play and defence. A number of hands will be played that practise the new concepts.


DATE OFFERED:   Thursday, December 6, 9:00 am


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



Jacoby 2NT

Jacoby 2NT is an artificial forcing raise in opener’s major, and it is a great tool because it leaves room to explore for slam. This workshop will investigate when you can make a Jacoby 2NT bid and what happens afterwards.

There will be lots of examples and practice hands.


DATE OFFERED:   Monday, January 7, 2019, 9:00 am


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



Bergen Raises


Bergen raises are based on the law of total tricks.
This workshop will explore how to show your partner you have four-card support for his or her major suit opening with a pre-emptive (0-7 points), constructive (8-10 points), or limit (11-12 points) raise.
There will be lots of examples and practice hands!


DATE OFFERED:   Friday, January 18, 2019, 9:00 am


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



Opener and Responder Rebids:  When to Stay and When to Go (To Game)

Re-bids are among the most challenging aspects of bidding.

  • Should I bid game, invite or just pass?
  • Is partner’s bid forcing?
  • Opponents have interfered – should we bid on or pass? 
  • We don’t seem to have a fit – should we keep trying to find our best contract or just pass?

This workshop is for novice players who want to improve their bidding skills. Topics covered include revising hand evaluation as bidding proceeds, reverses, forcing bids, invitational bids, and negative doubles. The workshop will focus on hands when your side has opened the bidding with 1 of a suit. The workshop will include lots of practice in bidding hands. 


DATE OFFERED:   Friday, March 1, 2019, 9:00 am - 11:30 am

INSTRUCTOR: Stephen Carpenter

COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



Splinter Bids

A splinter bid is a bid, made by either opener or responder, that shows shortness in the suit bid and good support for partner's suit. A splinter bid focuses on exposing a good fit between partners' hands in order to explore the possibility of slam. Once a splinter bid has been made, the number of tricks your side will take depends more on how well your hands fit together and less on how many combined HCP you hold.

Do you miss out on bidding slams which other pairs bid? Maybe it’s because others use splinter bids and you don't. J

Come to this workshop to learn exactly how and why splinter bids make a difference.


DATE OFFERED:   Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 9:00 am


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members

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