Workshop Descriptions

Our club offers half-day workshops with a wide variety of levels, instructors, time slots, formats and topics. The fee is $15 for members/$20 for non-members.

You can register in person at the club or by phone (519) 578-4434 or online by clicking here. We normally need at least eight people registered to offer a workshop.

Note: To make it easier for students to choose their lessons in a logical learning order, we’ve colour-coded our lessons as follows.


Novices    YELLOW

intermediate Players    ORANGE

Intermediate/Open  GREY

Open Players    TURQUOISE


Online registration is available here.




Precision Bidding

Precision bidding is an increasingly-popular bidding system designed to improve bidding accuracy.The instructor will show you how you and your favourite partner can incorporate precision bidding into your current methods. There will be some discussion of how to defend against precision bidding, but the main focus will be on learning the system.

This will likely be a small class with lots of individual attention and example hands to discuss. Regular partners may find it beneficial to attend this workshop as a pair.

Instructor:  Dave Wilson

Time and Dates:  Wednesday, December 4 and Wednesday, December 11, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm





Mastering Weak Twos

A pre-emptive bid is intended to be high enough that it prevents or interferes with effective bidding by the opponents, but not so high as to attract a costly penalty double. 

This is a workshop for novice players who are looking for some guidelines on when it is right and when it is wrong to make a pre-emptive bid. The class will look at the perfect weak two bid, as well as flaws and controversies with pre-empts. 

The second session will be review with lots of practice hands. Regular partners may find it beneficial to attend this workshop as a pair.

Instructor:  Cindy Mahn

Time and Dates:  Thursdays, January 9 and 16, 9:00 am - 10:30 am





Forcing 1NT Over Majors

The forcing one no trump bid is a useful convention that is used only over an opening bid of one of a major. It is designed to allow the opening bidder to complete the description of his or her hand, such that responder gets enough information to either place the contract or ask for more information. The class will look at constructive and limit raises, as well as placing the contract. 

Regular partners may find it beneficial to attend this workshop as a pair.

Instructor:  Liz McDowell

Time and Date:  Thursday, January 23, 9:00 am - 10:30 am




Competitive Bidding:  The Saga Continues

This is the second workshop on competitive bidding. Tis workshop focuses on the use of doubles after two bids have been made. Negative doubles are used after partner opens and the opponents overcall. Rewsponsive doubles are used when the opponents open, partner overcalls, and the other opponent bids. These doubles are very effective bids in finding a fit and disruptive the opponents' bidding. The workshop will include a review of the first workshop on overcalls, take-out doubles, and cue bidding the opponents' suit. So even those who missed the first workshop can take this one. The attendees will bid a series of pratice hands to reinforce the new concepts.

Instructor:  Stephen Carpenter

Time and Date:  Friday, January 31, 9:00 am - 10:30 am





Instructor:  George Pepall

Time and Date:  Tuesday, February 11, 9:00 am - 11:30 am





New Minor Forcing

New Minor Forcing is on every list of top 10 bridge conventions. It is must-know convention.

New Minor Forcing is important because it makes it possible to find a major suit fit at a low level. And if it turns out that there is no major suit fit, New Minor Forcing allows the opening bidder to pinpoint his HCP range and suggest the final contract.

Instructor:  Malkin Howes

Time and Date:  Saturday, February 29, 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm





Competitive Bidding:  The Finale

This is the third workshop on competitive bidding. This workshop focuses on balancing:  that is, passing at first and later entering the bidding to prevent the opponents from winning the contract too cheaply. Other topics will include what to do when the opponents have bid your best suit and when to bid a second time if your partner passes. The arsenal of tools for competitive bidding will be reviewed (from Workshops 1 and 2), and attendees will bid a series of practice hands to reinforce the new concepts.

Instructor:  Stephen Carpenter

Time and Date:  Friday, March 5, 9:00 am - 10:30 am





Instructor:  Dianne Aves

Time and Date:  Wednesday, March 11, 9:00 am - 10:30 am




Get That Extra Trick by Playing Card Combinations Correctly

The dummy goes down and in a side suit you have:

Dummy:  A 7 6 2

Declarer:  Q J 5 3

How do you play this suit to maximize the tricks you take? Think about it....

If you answered that you would lead the queen or jack towards the board or if you answered that you would lead from the board towards the queen/jack, then you need to take this workshop. 

Learn how to play card combinations properly and earn that extra trick. This workshop will start with simple finessing situations and advance to frozen suits, safety plays, and more complicated plays that require the knowledge of card distribution percentages. The workshop is suitable for all novice and intermediate players.

PS  If you attend, you will learn why playing the ace at Trick 1 is the correct play.

Instructor:  Stephen Carpenter

Time and Date:  Friday, April 3, 9:00 am - 10:30 am


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